BIANSA can provide working teams of skilled workers in different areas: 

                 • BOP System

                 • HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) System

                 • Molten Salts Storing System

                 • Turbine

                 • Auxiliary elements 

    as well as fitters and valve specialists. 

    Hence, we can provide you services to perform:

                  • Commisioning of industrial facilities 

                  • Corrective maintenance, repairing any failure or damage in your facilities

                  • Preventive maintenance, avoiding failures that can put into risk your facility’s output 


    BIANSA staff is also performing control room operation tasks. 

    They have substantial experience in several thermosolar powerplants in Spain and abroad.


    Since 2007 BIANSA has been working in the construction of more than 25 thermosolar power plants CSP in Spain, USA, Morocco and South Africa.
    The activities we mainly perform are:
    ·         Surveying activities in solar field and BOP
    ·         Assembly and alignment of pylons (Regular, shared, reinforced and drives)
    ·         Leveling of SCEs (Solar Collector Element) in solar field.


    Since its establishment, BIANSA has provided scaffolding services to industrial companies, to perform maintenance works in industrial facilities, shipyards and powerplants.

    Currently, BIANSA offer this service all around Spain and abroad, to plants operators and subcontractors, as mechanical, tracing, electrical or insulation companies.


    BIANSA provides surveying services for:

    •    Civil works
    •    CSP powerplants
    •    Industry
    •    Shipyards

    Our staff of surveying engineers and surveyors are high skilled and have a long experience in this field.


    BIANSA is working with both shipyards and subcontractors providing scaffolding services for shipbuilding, ship transformation and repair.

    BIANSA also provides general services in shipyards. 

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